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Joker and Joker …and Harley by zgul-osr1113


Joker and Joker …and Harley by zgul-osr1113


Sherlock & Moriarty Illustrations by Andy Fairhurst / Facebook / Store

Limited edition prints available HERE.


Otra Ciudad (Another City) Mario Ayguavives

"In the series “Otra Ciudad” I present unidentified spaces in cities in which many of the essential elements of their composition have been eliminated, such as the inhabitants, windows, local stores, cars, adverts and signs. As a result, the city appears to be an empty space in which there are hardly any references to the human race that created it.

Through these images, which have been adapted to create a great reduction in information, my intention is to create a city which could be any and which seems familiar to the onlooker because it could be any modern city. This reflects my view that the modern urban space has been changing to reflect a few global types, just as has been happening for almost all aspects of our lives.

The city is a space that is increasingly full but at the same time ever emptier.”


more old characters! Disko + Valensiya.


Kingseeker Frampt, Dark Souls Design Works. 


Kingseeker Frampt, Dark Souls Design Works. 

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The Lordran and Beyond comic still needs your help with funding! The project has just hit the half-way mark to the first goal, and I want to thank everyone for supporting!

The momentum and help so far is extremely encouraging, and there’s a lot of awesome stuff upcoming thanks to artsywindow, veitstanz, makanidotdot, and gatherersgarden!

You can read the comic pages so far right here, and also check out the Patreon! If you like the material, please consider pledging to keep this project going places! :)



Perro’s Point Of View

Hawkeye Nº11  |  Matt Fraction . David Aja

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